How much water should be mixed with my antifreeze?


If you are using our Pre-Blend HDLL antifreeze / coolant, you shouldn’t mix any further water with the antifreeze / coolant as Timberline has already mixed in the proper amount of reverse osmosis treated water.  In contrast to mixing it yourself, our reverse osmosis treated water ensures that you are not introducing any contaminants into your engine by using “tap water“.

If you are using our Concentrate HDLL antifreeze / coolant, we recommend a 50 – 50 mix with either distilled water or reverse osmosis treated water.  Please ensure that the water you mix our antifreeze / coolant doesn’t negate the wonderful properties of our glycerin and Propylene Glycol based antifreeze coolant!!!!

For more information on this, see our FAQ entitled, “Can I mix ordinary tap water with Timberline antifreeze coolants?

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