September 22, 2015


Timberline Brands LLC (‘Timberline‘) is an independent manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly products for the automobile coolant, machining and racing industries.  It’s predecessor company, Timberline Products LLC was founded in 2014, Timberline has evolved and grown to encompass a product line of environmentally friendly products that provide not only non-hazardous alternatives to products in the marketplace, but provide better cooling characteristics than our competitors.  Our products line includes:

Our products come in various sizes, including:

  • 1 gallon jugs
  • 6 gallon pails with APC spout *this is only available for Cutting Oil currently
  • 6 gallon cases (of jugs)
  • pallets (36 cases, 216 gallon jugs, or 4 drums
  • 55 gallon drums
  • 275 gallon IBC totes


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