Social Media gone wild and added

Timberline Products, also known as Timberline Brands online, is proud to add to our marketing presence online by adding a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and adding more every day.  This new social media presence serves as a foundation for the real world marketing and sales program that we have implemented in 2018.

Our outside sales force

You may know our outside sales force already, as we are adding individuals that service our ever growing sales channel throughout the Texas Gulf Coast region, including:

  • Jack Horton in Bryan, Texas
  • Tom Hooker in Katy, Texas
  • Douglas Dean in Lufkin, Texas
  • Sidney Kokes in Kerville, Texas
  • and one or two more as well

Social Media outlets

New social media outlines, other than this website, include:

Our social media locations are getting a work out as well since we are entering a time when our products are in high demand – the summer months.  This is Texas by the way!  Our products are called “anitfreeze” many times, but they really are coolants.  In fact our competitors in the antifreeze industry don’t even really tell you that their products aren’t very good at cooling.  Our coolants work all the way down to 84 below freezing, but they shine in cooling engines – in fact, one of our clients tested their engines and believes that it on average drops engine temperatures 11 degrees Fahrenheit as well as provides less engine wear.


About Timberline Products

Timberline Products is an independent manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly products for the heavy machinery, automotive, metal manufacturing, and racing industries. Founded in 2014, Timberline Products has grown to a product line of environmentally friendly products providing not only non-hazardous alternatives to products in the marketplace but providing better cooling characteristics than our competitors. Our products are made from glycerin and propylene glycol, both non-toxic eco-friendly ingredients that have been made available in the last decade because of a growing ethanol and bio-diesel industry worldwide. Our products include:


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